Chaplain Program

Chaplain- Eve Davies

What is the Chaplain Program?
At the core of a chaplaincy program is community engagement. The World Health
Organisation defines community engagement as “a process of developing
relationships that enable stakeholders to work together to address health-related
issues and promote well-being to achieve positive health impact and outcomes”

For me, the above definition empowers me to support healthy respectful relationships
between students, staff, families and the wider community.

For Devenish Primary School I see a chaplaincy program as being able to offer a
unique opportunity where community groups that exist within a rural, remote
location of Victoria could benefit from a facilitator-led program to provide a space
where safety, guidance and direction are valued while promoting difference and
diversity enabling growth and development to the broader Devenish community.

Therefore the benefits of having a chaplaincy program may enable greater
collaboration, connection, growth and development through a coordinated effort that
empowers the community to achieve shared goals

For the students of Devenish Primary School learning how to take a grassroots
approach in their learning will teach them lifelong skills, teach them how to cope
with the ups and downs of life and build a social network that will support respectful
relationships. However, as we know at the heart of any mission is the formation of a
relationship between one another and when finding equilibrium on a spectrum a
the chaplain can utilise skills and talents that add value to the community asset-based,
therefore giving students some tools and strategies to learn to cope, speak up and
sharing their thoughts is vital at any stage of life.

Therefore encouraging teamwork to develop decision-making skills, enhancing
problem-solving skills and modelling healthier ways to resolve conflict is likely to
remain with the students throughout their life enabling them to become effective
community members.

  • What are the benefits of a Chaplain Program?
    The benefits of having a chaplaincy program in your community enables
    Face to face, one to one chats about everyday concerns that you may have.
    Enables a safe space for group gatherings in a social setting, for instance
    playgroup and/or social gatherings.
  • Chaplaincy at Devenish Primary School
    The chaplaincy program at DPS is a person friendly space for the community to utilise, enabling cross cultural connections while modelling to and supporting students to become familiar with and utilise their strengths and talents while building resilience.
    The chaplaincy program is here to support the community and embrace the community’s shared goal, building a stronger community spirit.