At Devenish Primary School, Reading and Viewing is prioritised and is taught via the Workshop Model in a one hour block at the beginning of each day. The core teaching practices of Modelled, Guided, Shared, Independent and Reciprocal Reading are embedded in our whole school planners along with Peer and Teacher Conferencing and Buddy Reading.  

Buddy Reading: Once a week, students read with their “buddy”. Buddies change each week to allow all children to have a go at reading to each other. Buddy Reading increases confidence for both buddies and allows children time to practise reading fluency, substantive talk, as well as listening and cooperative skills.

Reader’s Notebooks: “Readers notebooks are used as tools to deepen comprehension, not as assignments to prove to the teacher the students did the reading.”(Goldberg, 2015).

All students at Devenish Primary have a Reader’s Notebook.

What would you expect to see in a reader’s notebook?

Evidence of students’:

•use of the reading strategies.

•thinking about the texts they are reading.

•work from the class reading unit’s mini lessons.

•opinions and personal reactions to text.

•self-reflections and reading goals.

•more structured thinking across a text.

•records of what they have been reading.

•records of plans for future reading.