At Devenish Primary School, Writing is prioritised and is taught via the Workshop Model in a one hour block at 10 am each day. The core teaching practices of Modelled, Guided, Shared, Interactive and Independent Writing are embedded in our whole school planners, along with Peer and Teacher Conferencing.

Writer’s Notebook: Every student at Devenish PS has a Writer’s Notebook. For F-2 Students, this is a dotted thirds workbook and for Year 3-6 students, it is a binder where they clip in loose-leaf sheets, notes, pictures and any other pieces of their writing. The Writer’s Notebook is a place where children can experiment with writing, enjoy writing and have a go at the techniques seen in Mentor Texts.

The Writing Process (how writing is created): Explicit teaching of the writing process is essential and forms part of our Scope and Sequence. It is planned for, and taught in conjunction with the 6+1 Traits but is also flexible; children will move along the process at their own pace. It is not linear and children are not expected to complete the cycle with every piece of work.

The Workshop Model (how the classroom operates):

6+1 Traits (how writing is crafted): We teach the craft of writing via the 6+1 Traits and Core Teaching Practices. These are embedded in our planners.

Mentor Texts: A mentor text is any text, print or digital that you can read with a writer’s eye (Culham 2014). These texts are a powerful tool that we use to teach writing. We have a set of Trait Crates that have mentor texts and lesson plans to teach each trait but also highly value other mentor texts. Staff and students strive to be “Writing Thieves” (The Writing Thief- Ruth Culham 2014), and all enjoy spotting sentences that we wish we had written and adding mentor texts to the mentor text shelf. Mentor Texts form an important part of the Explicit Teaching block in every lesson.

Bump it Up Wall: It is expected that our class will co-construct a Bump it Up Wall each term with a specific focus related to the Learning Intention.

Co-constructed Success Criteria: At Devenish Primary School we empower student agency through co-constructing Success Criteria for each lesson with our students.