Spelling and Vocabulary

At Devenish Primary School, Spelling and Vocabulary is prioritised and is taught in three half an hour blocks per week. We incorporate the use of the Soundwaves Systematic Phonics Program with the main focus being to teach the students that phonemes (sound) can be represented by different graphemes (letter combinations that make the sound eg, f, ff, ph). Students are explicitly taught how to segment words to assist with spelling, starting at Foundation and continuing through until Grade 6. As students progress through the spelling program, the complexity of the word structures will increase. As the students become more proficient with their spelling skills, they will be introduced to more complex spelling knowledge such as morphemes (prefixes, suffixes eg, ing, ed, un, pro, pre) and etymology (history of words, changes in words, base words, origin of words).

Sound of the Week: The sound of the week comes from the Spelling Scope and Sequence document. The sounds (phonemes) have been chosen in an order that aligns with the SA SPELD structured systematic synthetic phonics approach that we use in Reading. For Foundation Level, use the Grapheme Units. 

Vocabulary Word of the Week: A word of the week is studied each week using the Vocabulary Word Study Sheet Template. These words usually come from the reading or writing units of work because we know that children need many exposures to a word in order to learn it.