Sport/ PE

The Victorian Curriculum: Physical Education is organised around one content strand- Movement and Physical Activity, and three sub strands.

Content sub-strands describe what is to be taught and learnt. They are:

  • Moving the Body
  • Understanding Movement
  • Learning through Movement

Physical Education Mandate: Schools must conduct physical and sport education for the mandated time for all students in Years P–10 in government schools. The mandated times are: in primary schools for years: P–3: 20–30 minutes of physical education a day. 4–6: 3 hours per week of physical education and sport with a minimum of 50% of that time for physical education.

At Devenish Primary School, this consists of 1.5 hours per week of skills based Physical Education, plus 30 minutes of Gardening and an hour of Sport as an F-6 class. 

Swimming Program: Government schools are mandated to provide a Swimming program. This occurs each year in the last week of Term 4. 

GDSA Combined Schools Athletics: Each year in August, our cluster schools get together for an Athletics Sports Day. This is organised by the GDSA committee which comprises of the principals from Devenish, Dookie, Broken Creek, Longwood and Currawa schools.