Performing Arts/ Music

Celine Forster

Music and Performing Arts at Devenish is an integral part of the overall program. Every area of the curriculum is supported by music and all students learn to read, write and play music together. The 2022 program sees each student not only participating in an active music and performing arts experience each week based on the Victorian curriculum requirements, but they spend each lesson learning to play the keyboard as well as putting together arrangements of songs for performance purposes. 

A Kodaly based music program supports all aural, practical and theoretical training which in turn has a major influence on the way students learn all their other subjects. Music history and appreciation is explored in plays and performance opportunities so students can connect with their history. Term quests participating in African Drumming, recorder, musical production and band as well as singing and performance is taken seriously but executed with a lot of fun. Supporting this, every child at Devenish has a private lesson in one of a variety of instruments so as to prepare them for greater opportunities in secondary school.